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  • The Penguins are Coming!

    Things that make us Laugh!

    Toasty Toes Blankets have heard the cry from penguin lovers..."Where are the penguin blankets? Your cry has been heard and we're making penguin blankets with "feet pocket".

     If you are a certain age or look up old characters...then you may remember "Chilly Willy" cartoon character...He was funny and always dressed in his tuxedo ready for any occasion. Just Google "Chilly Willy" and you will laugh out loud.

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    Real testimonials

    Judy writes that she is a PENGUIN LOVER. She collects penguin figures, blankets, tablecloths and

    anything that has penguins.

    Thanks Judy for your note.

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    Questions Frequently Asked?

    What is a "feet pocket" blanket? How does it work and why i should buy one?. Are these blankets made in USA?

    For the answers go to https://www.toastytoes.company