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Toasty Toes Blankets ETC

Belleville, Michigan 48112, United States

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Toasty Toes Blankets ETC

Belleville, Michigan, United States

877-401-8692 If no answer please email your question (s).
Thank you for your business.

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Which design did you choose and why?

Give  love and comfort to your mother, grandmother and watch them smile. A forever gift!

This is the season for giving back and making someone happy. Toasty Toes Blankets wants to know what design is most popular.. 1. VOTE 2. Tell why you chose the design 3. The best story will  receive the winning blanket. 

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Promotion November 9-30, 2018.

The Beginning of the Shopping Season

Take time to shop our site for unusual designs and a unique "feet pocket" blanket. It doesn't matter who you are...if you have cold feet and want to keep your toes warm...this is the perfect gift for YOU!  Don't have time to shop for special occasions...sign up for our reminder notice. Makes a perfect gift anytime!  Learn More!

Beat the Holiday Rush

Each blanket is handmade in USA.  Order early  to receive your blanket before or by Christmas. 

If you are in the Ann Arbor area see us at Holiday Shoppe & Gingerbread Cafe Sat. November 17th 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

St. Matthew United Methodist Church 1344 Borgstrom, Ypsilanti. More info call 734-483-5876

Cold Feet Solution

Cold Feet?

If you don't have a fireplace or you are cuddled up on the sofa...keep your feet warm and comfy.

Being thankful and sharing your joy with others.

What a warm feeling to be free to share your thoughts and beliefs without the fear of being arrested!

Ah the Joy of Freedom!

Customers like you have the freedom of sharing your thoughts, ambitions and ideas without the threat of harm. Let the Spirit of fires  keep our Land Safe.

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Thank you for supporting 4th Annual Community Baby Shower. See you next year 2019!

Remember those who sacrifice their lives!

New products are coming soon!

Video Musical demo of a blanket

Check out this great video


How to use toasty toes feet pocket blanket.

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Who We Are!

Toasty Toes Blankets and Carstill Wagon Publishing

We are companies that value education,  comfort and are a perfect match to produce the best products.  Products are made in the USA!

We are community conscious

It is important to our customers and readers to educate our children beginning from birth. "Mr. Mouse" is the driving force for our books which concentrate on responsibility, respectability and being kind TO EACH OTHER!

Because We Care!

Because we care!

We value you as a customer who deserves compassionate care in selecting our products...We Care! 

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Toasty Toes Blankets ETC for your emergency kit.

 Winter is almost "over" is but there is still a need to prepare for the cold weather that is still covering the Nation. We have had a hard winter but Spring is just around the corner.  Blankets are needed to keep body and feet covered. Put a "feet pocket" blanket in your emergency car kit in case of a breakdown. If you have children in the car take a book or two to keep them calm while waiting for help. for books "Mr. Mouse Good Deed" by Marian Lloyd-Caldwell