• Toasty Toes feet blankets with mosquito netting keep feet bite free!

    Summer is here and  mosquitoes want to make dinner with your feet.  Toasty Toes Blankets with mosquito netting stops  them!

    I am a mosquito...this is how I bite you- OUCH!

    Check out this great video

    Remember our MILITARY (Angels handmade by local artist)

    New products are coming soon!

    Video Musical demo of a blanket

    Check out this great video


    How to use toasty toes feet pocket blanket.

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    Who We Are!

    Toasty Toes Blankets and Carstill Wagon Publishing

    We are companies that value education and comfort and we are a perfect match to produce the best products.

    We are community conscious

    It is important to our customers and readers to educate our children beginning from birth. Our "Mr. Mouse" is the driving force for our books which concentrate on responsibility, respectability and being kind.

    Because we care!

    Because We Care!

    You are a valuable customer, reader and we want to make sure that we present you with the best product. Note: Toasty Toes Blankets are handmade in the USA. Carstill Wagon publishes in the USA.

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    There is always something new and exciting that you might want to know about: For Women Only 17 and up to attend a Forum about Sensitive Information you need to know! Sign up to hear about this special event. info@toastytoes.company or Chairperson mariancaldwell@yahoo.com

     Women 17 years and up are invited to join in a forum concerning  violence and abuse  toward women. To sign up for this program send an email to mariancaldwell@yahoo.com with FORUM in the subject line. This program will give you the opportunity to get valuable information about women surviving  abuse. You will be notified of date and details via your email. We will have light refreshments and need to know how many women will be attending. This is a FREE PROGRAM.  We  are collecting infants and toddlers needs: diapers, crib sheets, new clothes, bottles, socks and baby care products.  This is our 4th Annual Community Baby Shower for First Step, which is an organization who help and cares for survivors.  Gifts should be unwrapped and NEW. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

    This event is sponsored by Toasty Toes Blankets and Carstill Wagon Publishing.

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    Many comments have been made by women who were helped by First Step 

    at our baby showers. This is an opportunity for questions to be asked and answered without fear or violence. If you need help or want to donate gift cards, checks to First Step call 1-888-453-5900 your gifts are accepted all year round.

    Toasty Toes Blankets ETC for your emergency kit.

     Winter is almost "over" is but there is still a need to prepare for the cold weather that is still covering the Nation. We have had a hard winter but Spring is just around the corner.  Blankets are needed to keep body and feet covered. Put a "feet pocket" blanket in your emergency car kit in case of a breakdown. If you have children in the car take a book or two to keep them calm while waiting for help. https://www.authorhouse.com for books "Mr. Mouse Good Deed" by Marian Lloyd-Caldwell