HuggaBugga Baby Bath Tyme Blanket Towel

$29.95 $19.95

This blanket is designed with a "feet pocket" to help keep your baby from slipping off surface before and after their bath.

It is a blanket and towel combined to gently "touch" dry your baby's sensitive skin. This blanket is handmade of flannel and terry cloth. It is washable in warm water and low dryer heat or line dry. Each blanket is handmade one by one in Belleville, Michigan.

Easy to pack in your luggage and at the ready when needed on your trip. HUGGABUGGA is a colorful and friendly character that will keep your baby happy. The "feet pocket" keeps baby warm and safe. Remember, NEVER LEAVE YOUR BABY UNATTENDED. If you must answer the door, gently wrap baby in blanket and take him/her with you.

When bathing your baby, take this special time to talk and maybe sing to the little one.  Get a book for baby with this purchase.

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