Thank you everyone for supporting the 2nd Annual COMMUNITY BABY SHOWER
 for the Benefit Of "First Step"*

We collected more than 200 new baby items. Thanks to the community and to Deb's Catering of Belleville Michigan for delicious veggie trays. A special thank you to Speaker Hilary Hitte of "First Step".

First Step is an organization that helps survivors of domestic, sexual assault and abuse. First Step is non-profit and is located in Wayne County, Michigan

Thank you for caring about those who are too small to care for themselves.

This event is sponsored
 to help obtain NEW baby and toddlers items up to three years of age for First Step’s use in aiding women and children. Gift Cards are also appreciated.
Items needed: diapers, underwear, newborn to toddlers, baby bottles 6-8 ozs., blankets, baby products (lotion, powder, wipes) comb/brush, diaper bags, sweaters, onies, infant and toddler socks and more. We would like surpass 2015's total of over 200 items. Not sure what to buy? gift cards are appreciated for First Step to purchase needed items.